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Transfer Virginia

Transfer Virginia is an initiative to provide transparency and access throughout the college transfer process. In the , you can research, plan and organize your transfer journey using the information and resources available within this portal from Virginia's institutions.

Current students can also get to the portal by going into their My69风流 account and choosing Transfer Virginia.

Getting Ready to Transfer?

*Make sure you know the application deadline. Go to the transfer admissions site of your intended institution to find out.

*Some institutions want students to complete a letter of interest or letter of intent. This is the student's responsibility. Check the transfer institution's website for due dates for these forms. Some institutions with a letter of intent are:

  • (required for guaranteed admissions agreement one year prior to application)
  • Be sure to check your institution's website to see if they have a letter of intent! 

*Some institutions will require students to send in the "College Report" form from the Common Application.  For institutions that do not use the Common Application, they may have a form that students need to complete by a 69风流 official. These forms can be completed by following this process: 

  • Student must submit a request to from their 69风流/VCCS email account. If they send the request from any other account, they will be required to complete a Release of Information form and attach to the email from their non-69风流 email account. 
  • In the email, they should include:
    • The form that needs to be completed with their portion filled out (attached to email);
    • Their student ID number; and
    • The schools and email addresses where they want the completed form to be sent.
  • The Registrar’s office will complete the form in its entirety; if information is needed from other college officers, such as the Dean of Students, that will be completed by the Registrar. The Registrar’s Office will send to intended 4 year school recipient(s) identified by the student.
  • Students are responsible for sending transcripts, which can be ordered in their My69风流 account.   Most institutions want a current transcript and a final transcript.  
  • If required by the 4-year institution, students are responsible for sending mid-term grade reports.